01. Oil cleanser
02. Water-Based Cleanser
03. Exfoliator
04. Toner
05. Essence
06. Serums/Ampoules
07. Sheet Masks
08. Eye Cream
09. Moisturizer
10. Sun Protection

روتين العناية بالبشرة الكوري – 10 خطوات

Woah, ten steps?

Yup! You read that right. It's a full ten steps, but before you get intimidated, trust us when we tell you that it won't take you more than ten minutes once you've got the hang of it. Every product serves its purpose, and you'll start looking forward to that one-on-one time you get with your skin every morning & every night. You'll be ADDICTED to those ten steps once you see the results. It's a promise!



منظف البشرة الزيتي

Oil cleansing is extremely helpful to remove a full days dirt off in the simplest way possible. It liquifies makeup and leaves your skin ready for the rest of your routine. We like to "double-cleanse" - which is oil cleansing & then another water-based cleanser of your choice - in the morning as well to break down the layers of cream we use at night.

HOW TO: Apply your oil cleanser (which can come in pump or balm format) onto dry skin, massage in it & wash off with warm water to break it down. 

استكشف زيوت تنظيف البشرة

Water Based Cleanser

Make sure you've got it all off!

The second step to the double cleanse is the water based cleanser. This strips away any remaining grime your first cleanse may have missed, but is beautifully gentle on the skin. Look for a cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling pulled or tight afterwards.

HOW TO: Pump or squeeze an appropriate amount of cleanser, gently work into a lather and wash off (but not like you're in a face wash commercial...that sh*t gets messy)



Scrub off the dead skin!

Exfoliators come in many forms but they boil down to being a chemical or a scrub (to put it simply). You most definitely shouldn’t exfoliate daily, but add it to your routine up to three times a week to help remove the build up of dead skin that naturally occurs. This will help the your skin breathe while enabling the rest of your products to sink in even better.

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Prep your skin!
يقوم التونر بتمهيد البشرة قبل استقبال المنتجات الأخرى للعناية بالبشرة. يوفر ترطيباً عالياً مما يسمح لبشرتك امتصاص منتجات العناية بالبشرة الأخرى حيث أنه يفتح المسام. عليك بوضع كمية قليلة من النوتر في راحة اليد وتطبيقه على البشرة، مع الضغط اللطيف لتتمكن البشرة من امتصاصه.
استكشف منتجات التونر


Begin hydration!

If you’ve heard of Korean beauty, then you must know a bit about essence! It’s a staple in the Korean skincare routine, and something pretty unique to them. Different kinds of essence exist to do many different things, but hydration is the key. An essence is a mash up of a serum but with a toner-like consistency. Pat this gently into your skin for maximum effect.

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Target skin problems!
تحدى مشاكل البشرة! هذه المنتجات شخصية جداً، وتتمحور حول طبيعة البشرة بشكل مُباشر والمشاكل التي تعاني منها. يُساعد السيروم في محاربة علامات التقدم بالسن، حبوب الشباب، التصبغات وغيرها من مشاكل البشرة. ستجد السيروم المناسب لعلاج مشاكل بشرتك بكل تأكيد.
اكتشف منتجات سيروم البشرة


The most relaxing part!

A Korean beauty staple that is the easiest (and most fun!) way to introduce yourself to Korean skincare. We have “Mask Mondays” at the office because they’re tons of fun and an easy way to provide your skin with intense hydration. By creating a barrier between the essence (which a mask is steeped in) and the air, it allows the product to get deep into the skin without evaporating. Pop one on for 15-20 minutes every day, and you’ll see a huge change in your skin.

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كريم العين

The most sensitive part of your face!

It’s no news to you that the skin around your eyes is the most delicate & thin. A special cream is needed to give it an intense dose of hydration that is unmatched on any other part of your face. Reach for an eye cream that you can tap in around your eye, avoiding the waterline.

استكشف كريمات العين


Lock in the hydration!

Beautifully moisturized skin is hard to come by in our dry, desert environment. It takes a bit of commitment, but it’s the key to plump, bouncy skin. Apply a moisturizer day and night, and if you’re feeling like you need an extra pump of hydration, use a heavier moisturizer like a sleeping pack to really bring it home.

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واقي الشمس

Protect against sun damage!

For people that live in a harsh, sunny environment...we sure do forget to apply sunscreen. An absolute MUST in Korea (which doesn’t even have the kind of sun exposure WE do), no one leaves home without it. They even re-apply it throughout the day! Add this step to your skincare routine because preventing sun damage is the key to long-lasting beautiful skin.

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