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Standing at the crossroads of fashion and beauty, Seoul Kool is a destination for those who are passionate about healthy skin and are looking for the next big KBeauty products, trends, and innovations. We at Seoul Kool seek cult sensations that range from the newest innovative discoveries to hundred-year-old remedies, our rigorous curation process reflects our passion and commitment to offer you revolutionary yet natural products, and thus we only sell products that blow us away!


The best of Korean skin care is selected and tested by our founders, Ascia and Angie, both of whom have sensitive skin and thus a passion for natural products that support a healthy natural glow.  Ascia and Angie travel to Korea to do our initial research by exploring the market, interviewing the brand directors and their customers, all while they pore-over reviews, analyze products and test results. Once they identify products of interest, they pack their bags and return to the office with lots of goodies. 

All members of Seoul Kool are “Seoul Sisters”, which means that we use the products ourselves on a daily basis to make sure our selections stand the test of time! We even have Sheet Mask Sunday, we all come to the office sans makeup and try out masks that may make it to our shelves and into your homes. We examine ingredients to maintain that our selected products are gentle and use natural formulations to bring you the very best of what Korean skin care has to offer. And thus, we are all members of the Research & Development (R&D) of every single product we offer to you!



Our founders, Ascia and Angie discovered the clout of Korean beauty after they tested and experienced it themselves, Korean skincare has improved their skin, especially when it comes to combating the extremely dry climate of the Middle East. Further, they believe that “Makeup will only look good if your skin does.” They wanted to share their secret and thus Seoul Kool was born. They offer an information-driven platform when it comes to KBeauty products. 

The Seoul Kool concept is led by the passion and personal experience of our founders, they bring a wealth of experience to the brand. Together they have an abundance of knowledge to share regarding skin care, which they consider the foundation of beauty. In introducing Korean beauty products to the Middle East, Ascia and Angie aim to encourage women to have more confidence in their skin, both literally and figuratively. 


It’s a vibe, a vibe that the world is taking notice of. Korean skincare is here to stay. The pursuit of the glow is real, with KBeauty, it is attainable. Not only is there a focus on technology, formulation, and ingredients, it is also clever, fun, and approachable, all the while improving your skin from the inside-out. Korean beauty products concentrate on maintaining healthy, nourished and well-hydrated skin which gives results that lasts a lifetime. It’s all about achieving healthy radiance from within. 

The range of multifunctional products of Korean skincare is vast, they range from revitalizing serums to anti-hyperpigmentation sunscreens. To find out what your personalized ten step Korean skincare routine will look like, stop by and check out our ten-step routine here.